Now serving Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties

We work around the clock to bring fast, discreet, high quality, high tech healthcare directly to you!

When you're not feeling well, on vacation or away from home, we're available day and night to deliver the medical attention you need.

"They provided amazing service when I really needed it. I was seen within an hour of calling. The doctor's quick thinking kept me out of the emergency room and able to board my cruise ship in the morning!" C.L. (USA)

Medical Co-directors Steven Selub, M.D. and Minna Ruth Selub, M.D. are among South Florida's best trained, most experienced physicians. Both are board-certified graduates of America's top-rated colleges and medical schools.

When You Should Call

Whether you, your family or your children are not feeling well, Around the Clock Docs is here to help.
Listed below are some examples of conditions we can treat:

Upset Stomach

Our specialists are equipped with a wealth of medications and treatments to help treat and relieve conditions such as nausea, heartburn, diarrhea and more so you can get back on your feet and feel well again.

Cold, Flu, or Sore Throat

Everyone gets sick, even the little ones. Don't let a runny nose, fever or cough get in the way of a good time. Let us send one of our expertly trained staff members to you to assist you with your recovery!


Had a long night out on the town? Don't fret: we've all been there. Around-the-Clock Docs knows how to cure a wicked hangover and our intravenous treatment method is the best in South Florida. It's guaranteed to get rid of that pounding headache in no time.

Sexually Transmitted Infection and Gynecology

Worried about that unexpected hook up last night? Concerned about an unplanned pregnancy or need to get checked? Around-the-Clock Docs is top-notch at providing discreet, effective care for both men and women. Birth control, Plan B or antibiotics can be delivered to you on the spot, and most of all, we bring you the peace of mind you need to continue with your day or night.

How It Works

Here's a summary of what happens and what to expect from us when you call.

Upon Your Call

  • When you or your concierge calls, a triage operator will assess your situation.
  • You will need credit card clearance for us to dispatch personnel.
  • One of our operators will give you an estimated time frame for you to expect our visit.
  • Our estimate is based on the information you provide and the final fee is based on treatment rendered.

Upon Our Arrival

  • Our clinician will take your medical history.
  • He or she will explain forms you must sign in order for us to treat you.
  • A targeted physical examination will be performed.
  • A treatment plan will be cleared with the physician in charge.
  • Medication and testing will be provided as needed.


  • We will call you within 24 hours of our visit to find out if your condition has improved and to discuss test results and how to proceed.
  • If necessary, we may refer you to a specialist or arrange additional visits.
  • During daytime hours, follow-up appointments are available in our office.